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Giá sản phẩm : 1990000

The use of environmentally friendly products, especially products that come in direct contact with water sources such as shower, dishwashing faucet, etc., will help reduce the health risks. Son Ha premium shower is manufactured according to European technology and standards on the world’s most advanced technology line, helping to protect consumers’ health.

– Friendly and safe material for health

– Smart hot and cold valve

– Outstanding durability

– Luxury and high-class design

– 5-year warranty.


1. See the main faucet body installation drawing based on the installation size, in the wall, the hot water pipe, cold water pipe are available and the installation hole is at the proper height. The pipe and center distance must match the product that the two water pipes must be balanced.

Wrap the bandage on the Z-leg, tighten the Z-shaped head into the inner threaded hose. Then, tighten the decorative cap to the elbow, then attach the rubber pad to the Z-leg and insert the main body into the elbow.

2.  Fix the shower base and install the shower (as shown below)

Installation of shower base:

– The shower base from the height of the central main body must be defined based on the actual situation.

– After completing the actual installation, it is based on the size of the left side of the picture below to clearly indicate the two drill holes and insert one screw hole into each hole then use the screw to install

Installation of shower:

– Use a shower soft pipe connected to the main body and shower (need to tighten until there is no leakage), shower is hanged on the shower base.

– After completing the installation work, check the connection points to see if there is a water leak and if it is tightened or not.